Xtreme League Trivia

Three contests wrapped into one.

1) A weekly competition to determine a weekly winner.

2) Total points accumulated over length of contest to determine a 10 week winner.

3) A nationwide competition between all teams playing in the country to crown a winner in total points for the 10 week contest

Contest Rules

  • Cheating is Highly Encouraged!

·         Host has complete authority over competition.

·         Teams consiting of any amount players

·         Each competition consists of 10 rounds of trivia plus a final question

·         Each trivia round consists of 5 to 10  questions

·         Each correct answer is worth 10 points

·         Some questions may have more than one answer; in this case points are awarded for each correct answer given.

·         Incorrect answers do not count against point totals unless specified.

·         Bonus rounds may or may not take place throughout the competition.

·         The team with the most points at the end of a nightly competition is awarded a first place prize

  • Teams must use the same team name throughout the 10 week competition. Xtreme League Trivia will not add points from different team names during a 10 week competiton. combining points from different team names is unfair to teams who track scores on  daily/weekly basis.
  • Trivia DJ's/DJ Girlfriends & Wives/DJ Family Members teams may participate but they may not have the oppurtunity to win weekly gift cards ands or prizes, win 10 week prizes or National prizes.
  • The team with  the most national rank points wins the national prize
  • 10 week prizes are pro rated with the number of weeks played at a location

Good Luck!  

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