Results for Championship #13
Team NameChampionship RankingTotal Points
Wooly Mammoths1.01,100.0
Team Chedda2.01,090.0
Kadel Doesn't Suck3.01,060.0
Titanic Swim Team4.01,050.0
Man Beer Pig5.01,040.0
High Fives For Whispering Eyes6.01,030.0
Party In My Pants7.01,020.0
If I Played A Gay Cowboy7.01,020.0
Rusty Trombones7.01,020.0
Dirty Balloon Knots8.01,000.0
Butt Naked8.01,000.0
Show Me Your Genitals8.01,000.0
Kiss Army10.0980.0
Tanner's Rocks10.0980.0
Swayze & The Roadhouse All Stars11.0970.0
Info Maniacs11.0970.0
Sailor Scouts12.0960.0
Gorilla Bizkits13.0950.0
Middle Table14.0940.0
The Great Cornholios15.0900.0
Does It Taste Like Fudge15.0900.0
Do Me A Favor Pour Me Some Jager16.0890.0
Team Team17.0880.0
Bigger Lebowski18.0870.0
What The F19.0860.0
Nookie Lot19.0860.0
The Goods21.0790.0
8 Ball22.0780.0
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