Xtreme League Trivia Championship #10 Minimize
Team NameChampionship #10 RankingSorted By Championship #10 Ranking In Ascending OrderTotal Points
What The F?1.01,101.0
Pesky The Excitable Boy2.01,100.0
The Cougars3.01,081.0
Tanner's Rocks4.01,080.0
3 Poles 3 Holes5.01,070.0
Wow Those R Big5.01,070.0
Screw Loose5.01,070.0
Bitch's Get Stitch's5.01,070.0
Almond Crotch Warriors5.01,070.0
Husky Mama's6.01,060.0
League Of Super Heroes7.01,050.0
Bigger Lebowski7.01,050.0
Dirty Pirate Hookers7.01,050.0
Captain V7.01,050.0
Cheetos & Porn8.01,040.0
Marco Polo & Helen Keller9.01,030.0
Middle Table9.01,030.0
Speed Demons9.01,030.0
Good Sum Bitch's9.01,030.0
Balls Deep10.01,020.0
My Favorite Team11.01,010.0
Das Boot11.01,010.0
Reel Badasses11.01,010.0
Multiple Scoregasm12.0990.0
Three Ballin12.0990.0
Yo Man12.0990.0
Funky Fresh13.0980.0
Bar Hawks13.0980.0
Sleeves Of Wizards14.0970.0
Oops, Pow, Surprise14.0970.0
Bar Flies14.0970.0
Gonna Get Hammered16.0950.0
Guess Who's Coming To Trivia16.0950.0
Karate Snow Machine17.0940.0
Kenny Fucking Powers17.0940.0
German Shepards Rock17.0940.0
Team Schmeam18.0930.0
Double Shot19.0920.0
Man Bear Pig20.0910.0
Real American Heroes20.0910.0
2nd Place Ain't Bad22.0870.0
KC Cum Dumpster23.0830.0
Glow In The Dark Thunder Beads24.0640.0
Solid Steel & Sex Appeal25.0510.0


What The F?

Winners of Xtreme League Trivia #10

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