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Xtreme League Trivia

Championship #4

Team NameChampionship #4 RankingSorted By Championship #4 Ranking In Ascending OrderTotal Points
Shit I Don't Know1.0520.0
Team Domination2.0510.0
Shake This3.0490.0
Prom Night Dumpster Babies3.0490.0
Here 4 Beer3.0490.0
United Nations3.0490.0
Easy Got It4.0480.0
Cobra Kai4.0480.0
Nipples & Dicks4.0480.0
Border Ruffians4.0480.0
Kiss Army4.0480.0
Team America 5.0470.0
AKA We Changed Our Name5.0470.0
Have Your Pet Spayed or Neutered6.0460.0
Soul Glow6.0460.0
Mr. Papa Georgio7.0450.0
Placenta Gatherers7.0450.0
John's Colon7.0450.0
Mental Midgets8.0440.0
Triple D & The Juggernauts9.0430.0
Golden Girls Labia10.0420.0
Team Harpos10.0420.0
Taco Bell Night Runners11.0410.0
A Team11.0410.0
My Favorite Team11.0410.0
Jefferson Airstream11.0410.0
Jew Madre11.0410.0
The Goods12.0390.0
Penny Lane Staley12.0390.0
Nascar 10113.0380.0
Smokin Aces13.0380.0
Cleveland Steamers13.0380.0
Smack that 13.0380.0
Suck It Sajak13.0380.0
Tanner's Rocks14.0370.0
Bumble Bee Tuna14.0370.0
Dirty Pirate Hookers14.0370.0
We Got Worms14.0370.0
Monster Burritos15.0360.0
The Boys15.0360.0
Ramrods (Tanners)15.0360.0
Wooly Mammoths17.0340.0
Bar None18.0330.0
Bar None19.0320.0
Dog Down19.0320.0
Roll Bounce20.0310.0
Kuntry Boys21.0220.0

Shit I Dont Know 2nd Time Champs.JPG

Shit I Don't Know

Xtreme League Trivia Championship #4 Winners

our first team to win two Championships!

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