Xtreme League Trivia Championship #8
Team NameChampionship #8 RankingsSorted By Championship #8 Rankings In Ascending OrderTotal Points
Vice President Of awesome1.0810.0
Anatomically Correct Ken Dolls2.0800.0
Electric Dream Machine3.0770.0
Tanner's Shananigans3.0770.0
Hot Carl Peterson3.0770.0
More Cowbell3.0770.0
Ass Tap3.0770.0
Chicken Little4.0760.0
What The F4.0760.0
Baby Toes4.0760.0
Q Gay4.0760.0
Hot Asian Porn5.0750.0
Car Ramrod5.0750.0
Dirty Pirate Hookers6.0740.0
Loofa My Stretch Marks6.0740.0
Ding, The Fries Are Done7.0730.0
Post Orgasmic Trauma8.0720.0
Alter Ego8.0720.0
Bitches Get Stitches8.0720.0
Party In My Pants8.0720.0
Sasquatch Bitch's8.0720.0
3 Jews & A Goy9.0710.0
Master Beta's9.0710.0
Irish Pub9.0710.0
Ramrod - Hooters9.0710.0
Nascar 10110.0690.0
League Of Super Heroes11.0680.0
Our Gang12.0660.0
Pretty Smart12.0660.0
Smoking Aces13.0650.0
Crafty Cats13.0650.0
Bare Naked13.0650.0
Little Lebowski Urban Achievers13.0650.0
Sexual Innuendo14.0640.0
Little Lebowski Urban Achievers-Jerry's14.0640.0
Boat's N Hoes14.0640.0
Real Badasses15.0610.0
Speed Racers15.0610.0
Brown Chicken Brown Cow-Old Chicago15.0610.0
3 Teachers & A Roofer16.0600.0
Here 4 Beer17.0590.0
Brown Chicken Brown Cow-Fuel17.0590.0
On Top of Trivia17.0590.0
Sofa King Bad Ass17.0590.0
Fat Lip Distributers18.0580.0
Nice Beaver19.0570.0
Bar Hawks19.0570.0
Gorilla Bizkits21.0550.0
Roll Bounce22.0510.0
Jackson County Mafia22.0510.0
Lamda Lamda Lamda23.0500.0
High Five24.0460.0
KC's Elite24.0460.0
2 In The Pink 1 In The Stink25.0440.0
Snack On this25.0440.0
Just The Tip In the Dirty Turtles26.0350.0
My Favorite Team26.0350.0
All Night Long26.0350.0
The Awesome Mama's27.0300.0
Rockcreek Foreclosure28.0280.0
Liqour I Hardly Know Her29.0270.0

Jr. Varsity Blues Winners of Xtreme League Trivia Championship #7!

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