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Xtreme League Trivia

Championship #7


Team NameChampionship #7 RankingTotal PointsSorted By Total Points In Descending Order
Jr. Varsity Blues1.0740.0
More Cowbell2.0720.0
Car Ramrod3.0710.0
Tanner's Shananigans4.0690.0
AAA Nipples & Dicks5.0630.0
El Pollo De Loco5.0630.0
Funky Bunch6.0620.0
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot6.0620.0
Anatomically Correct Ken Dolls7.0610.0
Ground Pound7.0610.0
Shit I Don't Know8.0580.0
Those Aren't Pillows9.0570.0
Jack 079.0570.0
No Ma'am10.0560.0
Little Lebowski Urban Achievers10.0560.0
Bar Hawks10.0560.0
Hot Carl Peterson10.0560.0
2 In The Pink 1 In The Stink10.0560.0
Big Mama11.0550.0
Bitches Get Stitches12.0540.0
Dead Rabbits13.0530.0
Electric Dream Machine13.0520.0
Wooly Mammoths14.0520.0
Vagtastic Voyage15.0510.0
Outbreak Free For 2 Weeks15.0510.0
Lamda Lamda Lamda16.0490.0
Giddity Giddity Alright16.0490.0
Know It Alls16.0490.0
Roll Bounce17.0480.0
Irish Pub17.0480.0
Brown Chicken Brown Cow17.0480.0
Chicken Little17.0480.0
Motorboating S.O.B.'s18.0470.0
Fat Lip Distributers18.0470.0
Short Bus Window Lickers19.0460.0
Fuck The Power & Light19.0460.0
3 Teachers & A Roofer20.0450.0
Alter Ego20.0450.0
Right There21.0440.0
Scotty Doesn't Know21.0440.0
Drunk & Disorderly22.0430.0
Evil Empire23.0410.0
Fat Tony's Hitmen23.0410.0
We Suck25.0390.0
Lavender Licorice25.0390.0
Dirty Pirate Hookers26.0380.0
Shake This 27.0360.0
The Wolfs27.0360.0
Scrantonicity II28.0300.0
I Love Boobies28.0300.0

Jr. Varsity Blues Winners of Xtreme League Trivia Championship #7!

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