User Defined Table Minimize
Team NameChampionship #11 RankingTotal PointsSorted By Total Points In Descending Order
Tanners Rocks1.0940.0
Pesky The Exciteable Boy2.0940.0
More Cowbell3.0930.0
That's What She Said - Side Pockets4.0930.0
Almond Crotch Warriors4.0930.0
What The F4.0930.0
Table Rock5.0920.0
Face Murder6.0910.0
Full Of Fail6.0910.0
Good Sumbitches7.0900.0
Holly Says7.0900.0
Do Me a Favor Pour Me Some Jager7.0900.0
In Your Innuendo7.0900.0
Bigger Lebowski's9.0880.0
Man Bear Pig9.0880.0
3 Amigos9.0880.0
Fist Full of Assholes10.0870.0
Wooly Mammoths10.0870.0
Sloth Love Chunk11.0860.0
Captain V11.0860.0
Our Gang12.0850.0
Baby Carlos13.0840.0
3 Chicks & A Dude13.0840.0
Husky Mama's13.0840.0
3 Tons Of fun14.0830.0
Bitch's Get Stitches15.0810.0
Covered Wagons15.0810.0
Super Troopers16.0800.0
Just The Tip18.0780.0
Middle Table19.0770.0
The Rest Of Us20.0760.0
Cheetos & Porn21.0740.0
German Shepards Rock22.0730.0
4 Holes & A Pole22.0730.0
Divine Frye23.0720.0
Lancinaters are bringing sexy back24.0710.0
Phil McCracken25.0700.0
Multiple Scoregasm26.0680.0
That's What She Said - Howell27.0600.0
3 Men & A Little Lady28.0550.0
Take Your Pants & Jacket Off30.0250.0

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