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Xtreme League Trivia

Championship #3

Team NameChampionship #3 RankingSorted By Championship #3 Ranking In Ascending OrderTotal Points
Triple D & The Juggernauts1.0585.0
The Usual Suspects2.0575.0
Panty Raiders of The Lost Ark3.0565.0
We Got 2 Words 4 U4.0555.0
Shit I Don't Know5.0540.0
No Phone Calls To Omaha5.0540.0
Kiss Army5.0540.0
Montgomery & Friends6.0535.0
More Cowbell7.0520.0
Smack That7.0520.0
Mental Midgets8.0515.0
Throwing Rocks8.0515.0
Suck It Trabek9.0510.0
Wild Bill's Bunch10.0505.0
Shake This10.0505.0
Lake Rats11.0500.0
Team America11.0500.0
Sex Cannon All Stars11.0500.0
Team #212.0495.0
Paul Lynde To Block14.0475.0
Black Pearls14.0475.0
Tanner's Rocks15.0470.0
Cleveland Steamers16.0445.0
Wooly Mammoths17.0440.0
Smokin Aces18.0415.0
T & A19.0400.0
Dead Broncos20.0395.0
Sexy Mongeese22.0365.0
Shake & Bake23.0350.0
Any Sauce Will Do24.0345.0
Roll Bounce25.0330.0
Amish Drive By27.0315.0
Team Harpos28.0245.0
Kickin It29.0240.0
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