Shawnee Mission North 2014 Results
Team NameChampionship RankingTotal Points
Trivia Newton John1.0940.0
Conductors On The Crazy Train2.0900.0
Kelly's Heroes3.0890.0
Answers...We Don't Need No Stinking Anwers3.0890.0
Baseball Is Life4.0880.0
The Royals5.0870.0
The Royal Pains5.0870.0
The Big Hitters6.0860.0
The Cinderella Stories "It's In The Whole"6.0860.0
Simple Minds6.0860.0
My Drinking Team Has A Trivia Problem6.0860.0
Camp Weewannawin6.0860.0
The Gym Rats6.0860.0
One of These Is Not Like The Other7.0850.0
E=MC Hammer7.0850.0
50 Shades Of Grey Matter7.0850.0
Merriam Park 80's Ladies7.0850.0
The Lost Prophets8.0840.0
The One & Only Brickhouse9.0820.0
The Challengers10.0810.0
Off Constantly10.0810.0
Date Night11.0800.0
Quizlamic Jihad11.0800.0
10-4 But J-1212.0790.0
Flippin Cheer Moms12.0790.0
The Royal Heinies13.0770.0
The Alliance14.0760.0
SMN Girls Soccer15.0740.0
SMN Girls Softball15.0740.0
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