Kansas City Championship #15 Results
Team NameChampionship RankingTotal Points
Wooly Mammoths1.01,100.0
Master Batters2.01,080.0
Your Couch Pulls Out I Don't3.01,070.0
Just Cause4.01,060.0
Biscuits & Baby Gravy4.01,060.0
Balls Deep6.01,050.0
Tanners Rocks7.01,040.0
3 Way Latino Action7.01,040.0
Show Me Ur Genitals8.01,030.0
Bigger Lebowski8.01,030.0
Man Beer Pig8.01,030.0
Chicks, Man8.01,030.0
What The F?9.01,020.0
Red Spinner9.01,020.0
Wednesday Winners9.01,020.0
1st Mates9.01,020.0
Not At The Table Carlos10.01,000.0
Sturdy Wings12.0980.0
Boobs Make Me Smile13.0970.0
Featuring T Pain13.0970.0
The Good, The Bad, The Freaking Awesome14.0950.0
Wet Bandit16.0930.0
Dirty Balloon Knots16.0930.0
Middle Table16.0930.0
Cpt. V17.0920.0
Beer Bellies17.0920.0
Titties & Beer17.0920.0
Please Shave Your Coin Purse18.0900.0
Chunks Of Trivia18.0900.0
The Goods19.0860.0
Cougar Killers20.0840.0
A Team21.0810.0
Brothers Grim22.0740.0
2 Inches From the Whole23.0690.0
Bitches With Attitude24.0680.0
Couple Of Derrick Thomas Kids That Still Won't Wear Seat Belts25.0530.0
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