Xtreme League Trivia Championship #9 - 78 Total Teams Minimize
Team NameChamionship #9 RankingSorted By Chamionship #9 Ranking In Ascending OrderTotal Points
Top O' The Muffin1.0730.0
Dingo Ate My Baby2.0700.0
Pesky The Exciteable Boy3.0690.0
Thug Life3.0690.0
League Of Superheroes4.0670.0
Truna Casserol5.0660.0
Scissor Me Timber5.0660.0
The Bundy's5.0660.0
Wow We Were Assholes5.0660.0
Ass Tap6.0650.0
Team Stfu6.0650.0
Tar Heels6.0650.0
Craig's Crew7.0640.0
4 Girls & A Guy7.0640.0
Boats & Hoes7.0640.0
I'm With Stupid7.0640.0
El Dirty Sanchez7.0640.0
Real Baddass8.0630.0
Nightmare Ninja's9.0620.0
Sponge Worthy9.0620.0
Captain V9.0620.0
I Has Candy Get In Van9.0620.0
Jamaican Me Crazy10.0600.0
Brown Chicken Brown Cow10.0600.0
Nerd Herd10.0600.0
Mean People Suck, Nice People Swallow10.0600.0
More Cowbell10.0600.0
Wanted: An I Phone11.0590.0
Corn Hawkers12.0580.0
Team Name12.0580.0
Party In My Pants12.0580.0
AAA Nipples & Dicks12.0580.0
Hot Asian Porn12.0580.0
29 Days12.0580.0
Back In the Day13.0570.0
Dirty Pirate Hookers13.0570.0
Was Standing Now Sitting13.0570.0
AA Is For Quitters14.0560.0
What The F?14.0560.0
Pimp Daddy DegeGerald15.0550.0
That's How You Get Pink Eye15.0550.0
Fat Lip Distriuters16.0540.0
Lonely Hearts Club16.0540.0
Same Question Different Answer16.0540.0
Bitch's In Black16.0540.0
Tanner's Shananigans17.0530.0
Just The Tip Just For A Second Just To See How It Feels18.0520.0
Steel Balls18.0520.0
Funky Fresh19.0510.0
Col. Angus20.0490.0
Trivia Trolls20.0490.0
Check Out Our Stimulus Package20.0490.0
Team Ramrod (Varsity Blues)20.0490.0
Jack Mehoff20.0490.0
No Action Jackson21.0480.0
Angry Tony's21.0480.0
We Love Beer22.0460.0
Last One's Standing23.0420.0
High 524.0410.0
M.V.P.'s Of XTT25.0350.0
Secret Trivia Squad26.0340.0
80's Wannabe27.0310.0
Chris Hampton Is A Cock Block27.0310.0
Lacey's Gang27.0310.0
Team With The Token Black Guy27.0310.0
Rosie O'Donnell Experience28.0290.0
Dicken Ciders29.0240.0


Jr. Varsity Blues Winners of Xtreme League Trivia Championship #7!

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