Kansas City Xtreme League Trivia Championship #16 Results
Team NameChampionship RankingTotal Points
Biscuits & Baby Gravy1.01,140.0
Side Deals3.01,130.0
Your Couch Pulls Out I Don't4.01,120.0
Michael Buble5.01,100.0
Trivia Trolls5.01,100.0
The Good, The Bad, The Freaking Awesome6.01,090.0
Here 4 Bingo6.01,090.0
No Eye Contact In A Devils 3 Way7.01,080.0
Independence Mafia7.01,080.0
I Didn't Do Anything8.01,070.0
Wooly Mammohs8.01,070.0
Kearney Krew8.01,070.0
Show Me Ur Genitals9.01,060.0
Screaming Scoregasms9.01,060.0
Man, Beer, Pig9.01,060.0
Midde Table10.01,040.0
Dirty Balloon Knots10.01,040.0
Wednesday Losers10.01,040.0
Drunk & Happy11.01,010.0
Try The Veal12.01,000.0
Rockin The Beer Gut13.0990.0
Real Housewives Of Shawnee13.0990.0
Donkey Punch13.0990.0
The Shaft14.0980.0
Glazed Like A Donut14.0980.0
The Use To Be's14.0980.0
Team America Fuck Yeah15.0970.0
On A Scale Of Anne Frank To Osama Bin Laden How Good Is Your Hiding Spot16.0960.0
Useful Idiots17.0900.0
About To Kick Ya'lls Ass18.0710.0
Tinker Bells19.0410.0
Sand In My Camel Toe20.0400.0
Bullfrogs Battallion21.0390.0
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