Team NameChampionship #2 RankingSorted By Championship #2 Ranking In Ascending OrderTotal Points
More Cowbell1.0680.0
Wild Bill's Bunch2.0670.0
Shit I Don't Know3.0650.0
Triple D & The Juggernauts3.0650.0
King Bob's4.0645.0
Smoke & Mirrors5.0640.0
The Illegals6.0630.0
Turd Fergusons Hat6.0630.0
Dirty Dos7.0625.0
Cheating Is Encouraged7.0625.0
Montgomery & Friends8.0610.0
Beer Shits9.0600.0
Family Jewels10.0590.0
Faster Pussycat & Bosley11.0580.0
Hold Me Closer Tony Danza11.0580.0
Wooly Mammoths11.0580.0
Bow Chicka Bow Wow11.0580.0
Beauty & The Beast11.0580.0
Kiss Army11.0580.0
Tanner's Rocks12.0570.0
Team Mick13.0560.0
Smack That14.0540.0
Shake This16.0520.0
The Regulars17.0510.0
Hooter Bubbles17.0510.0
Wha Happen18.0500.0
D & B20.0470.0
Roll Bounce20.0470.0
Downtown Drunk Asses21.0460.0
New Guys21.0460.0
Chicks With Dicks21.0460.0
Toe Jam & Earl22.0420.0
Best Friends Forever23.0380.0
Phil McCracken24.0350.0

Results For

Xtreme League Trivia

Championship #2


More Cowbell

Xtreme League Trivia Championship #2 Winners!

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