Championship #12 Results
Team NameChampionship RankingSorted By Championship Ranking In Ascending OrderTotal Points
Kadel Sucks1.01,120.0
Bigger Lebowski2.01,080.0
Man Beer Pig2.01,080.0
What The F3.01,030.0
No Eye Contact In A Devil's 3 Way3.01,030.0
Do Me A Favor Pour Me Some Jager4.01,010.0
Pesky The Exciteable Boy5.01,000.0
Show Me Your Genitals5.01,000.0
Captain V5.01,000.0
If You Don't Know What It Is You Can't Afford It5.01,000.0
Middle Table 6.0990.0
3 Chicks And A Dude6.0990.0
Rocking the Beer Gut6.0990.0
T & A6.0990.0
More Cowbell7.0980.0
Menace To Society7.0980.0
Beachford Girls7.0980.0
My Couch Pulls Out I Don't8.0970.0
Mini Corndogs9.0960.0
Silent Killer Gas Passer13.0890.0
Table Rock13.0890.0
Tiger In A Bathroom14.0870.0
A League Of Their Own15.0780.0
Dudes And boobs16.0770.0
Matt Haas Fan Club17.0460.0
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