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Todays Xtreme League Trivia Shows


Current Competition: May 20th through July 28th
National Team Rankings for Trivia Teams
RankingTeam NameRanking Points
12 Dan's Don't Make A Right33
2Chairman Of The Board33
3Larusso Motors31
4Baptized With A Boner29
5What's Up Bitches22
7Cal Me By Your Name17
8Myrts Tyrts16
9Smart Asses14
10Team Day Drunk14
11Bar Stools14
13Jackin It12
14John Trivialta12
15Kill Em All12
16Box Bunch10
17Dan's 15th Bud Light9
18Mudd Kids9
19Pizza Dat Ass9
20The Amigos9
21Team Lake8
23I Haven't Shit In Three Weeks8
24Soft Pour Corn7
25Steel Horses7
26That's What She Said7
29The AJ's6
30Team Cheech6
31Morning Wood6
32Bitch Better Have My Money6
33Better Connection6
34Billing Bitches6
35Baby Genius5
36Back Up5
37Chris At The Bar5
38I Thought This Was Speed Dating5
39Team Guiness5
40Trivia Newton John5
41Walter Women5
42Vande / Hants5
43Young & The Rest Of Us5
44Titanic Swim Team4
45The Jagernauts4
46Tequila Mockingbird4
48Savage AF4
49Pfister Bottom4
50It's Jordans Birthday He Is 354
Prize Amounts

Week 9 of our 10 week contest

10 Week Prize


Given to the Team that finishes #1 at the conclusion of our 10 week contest

winning team can pick up winnings during week 1 of the following 10 week competition at an Xtreme League Trivia Location

Regional manager's Payment Center
Amount Owed

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